Life at the Cottage

Missionary Curtains

Entry with Decorative Glass

Entry with Decorative Glass

This is our home. I love the front door with all the decorative glass, sometimes. When I don’t feel well and don’t want to answer the door, anyone can look in and see that I am laying on the couch with a box of tissues, bed hair up in a sloppy bun, wearing sweats, and generally looking like death.

Another problem is people selling stuff, missionaries from every church in the neighborhood, political surveys and so forth. No point in hiding because they can see through the house.

During the summer the sun’s position shown through the front door making a glaring effect and was hot.

At night if the exterior lights are off, someone can see into the house and we can’t see them. One evening this was the case and I answered the door and missionaries were standing there in the dark looking through the glass at us.

One Halloween my back was hurt and my husband was recuperating from a hospitalization. I couldn’t get up to answer the door for Trick or Treaters. I did for a while and soon the pain was unbearable so we turned off the lights outside and inside around 9 pm and watched TV. Children still came to the door and would look through the glass. A mirror in the entry way was apparently reflecting us sitting in the next room.

The doorbell rang, then rang again about three more times. The parent says “no one is home, lets go”. The kids said “yes there is, we can see them right there”.

Drapes at Front Door

Drapes at Front Door

Well, we felt bad but this went on for the rest of the evening even though the lights were out.

Drapes at Front Door

Drapes at Front Door

The next day I went to town and bought drapes and a rod. My husband put the drapes up and we shut them especially at night. We had our privacy back, we no longer felt exposed. Our friends teased us and named our new drapes, “Missionary Curtains”. Not only did the drapes shut out the summer evening sun, give us privacy, but the ability to answer the door or not. Such a simple solution to several problems.





If your entry is giving away too much of your privacy, try hanging some drapes.


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