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Re-purposed Men’s Shirts

Apron made from shirt

Re-purposing a men’s shirt into an apron

When my guy cleans out his closet, he brings me his cast offs and says, “Do you want these for anything?” Of course I always do. This time he handed me a couple of his shirts and asked if I could make our girls something. I decided aprons would be a good choice since the two of the four girls having birthdays next are wonderful cooks and in the kitchen a great deal of the time. His shirts are great because they are 2XLT making a lot of fabric to work with.

Apron from men's shirt

Re-purposed men’s shirt

I grabbed an apron we had and laid it on the shirts to approximate where I would cut the shirt. To have enough fabric to wrap around the back I cut up the middle of the back of the shirt and just under the yoke and spread the shirt out flat. I placed the apron I used for a pattern on the shirt and cut out the apron leaving a seam allowance all around the shirt. Then I grabbed some fabric and trim and dressed the shirts up a little. I like to line the aprons as I have found grease and spills can go through just a single layer of fabric. I placed the cut out shirt/apron front on coordinating fabric and cut out a lining the same as the apron front. Next I cut the ties for the neck and back of the apron. Sew the ties and pin them on the apron front where they will go sandwiching them between the apron front and lining (right sides together). Sew all the way around the apron and unbutton a couple of buttons and turn right side out. Iron and top stitch the edges. I used hardware for the neck straps but they could easily be tied instead.

Re-purposing clothing can be a fun way to make unique gifts. Have fun creating your own original apron. Keep sewing!



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  1. Nice idea. Thanks for sharing.

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