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Yard Stick Box

Have you ever found an object but didn’t know what it was for but bought it because you saw it had potential? When thrift store shopping with friends I saw this little iron stand and nothing to go with it. I don’t know what the original purpose was but I thought it would look good on the bottom of a box. It’s funny how a simple item can turn into a project.

Iron stand used as a base for yard stick box

Iron stand used as a base for yard stick box

After measuring the iron base, I went to the craft store and bought craft wood to glue together to make the inside of the box.

Box made from craft wood

Box made from craft wood

After it was assembled and the glue dried, yard sticks were cut and glued on. I used wood glue and clamps to hold the box together while constructing this box. Then stained the box. I am not thrilled with the stain color. I have stained other types of wood with this stain and loved the finished product. The yard sticks did not turn the same color. After the stain dried the box received a light sanding to rough it up here and there. I had some scraps of upholstery webbing left over from the luggage rack project to put in the inside. Dug through the odds and ends of handles and added two on the ends. The finishing touch was a small decorative chalk board.

This box would serve many purposes. Flowers would look great as well as mason jars with utensils. What kind of uses can you think of?

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