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Re-purposing a Bed

An old bed frame re-purposed into a bench

An old bed frame re-purposed into a bench

I saw an old bed frame for $15.00 at the thrift store and decided to see if I could rebuild it and make a bench similar to the ones floating out there in internet land. It had the side boards so I figured for $15.00 if I messed it up no big loss.

I cut the foot board to the depth I wanted the bench to be, about 24 inches. Fastening the foot board to the head-board was done by drilling through the back of the head-board and into the cut end of the foot board. I used extra long screws to assemble this part of the bench frame. I cut one of the side rails to the size needed to go between the foot board posts in front. I used the metal fasteners on each end of the side rails just as if putting the bed together. (After cutting the side rail to length I took the fastener off the unused end of the side rail and repositioned the hardware on the cut end.) Then I put on boards to make the seat using screws to secure them to the bench. Gave it a good sanding, primed, and painted.

An old bed frame re-purposed into a bench

An old bed frame re-purposed into a bench

The cushion was made from clearance home dec fabric and 6 inch foam wrapped in batting. I made piping and put a zipper in the back of the cushion. The pillows were clearance outdoor pillows for $2.77 each. I think I will make a few more pillows and call it finished. One of my girls will be receiving this project. Hope she likes it!

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8 thoughts on “Re-purposing a Bed

  1. You did a fantastic job. I love it.. I have been wanting to do one myself.. this summer its on my to do list.. you just got me excited all over about doing it

  2. Jamie Wills on said:

    I love it! Classy and cute!

  3. You achieved greatness with this one – nice job! I’m crazy about the shapes and lines. And the colors. FAB!

  4. This is brilliant! I am in love! Can I be your daughter? 😉 xo

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