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From Coffee Table to Upholstered Bench

A coffee table up-cycled to an upholstered bench.

A coffee table up-cycled to an upholstered bench.

While at the thrift store with a friend, I found a coffee table that had a space for two panes of glass on top. Of course the glass was missing and it was only five bucks so I brought it home. The finish was a horrible peachy antiqued color and hard to remove. I had read about a gel stain to go over this type of problem finish called General’s Gel Stain. I ordered the walnut color gel stain and it went on beautifully. A clear coat from the General product line was used as a topcoat.

A coffee table up-cycled to an upholstered bench.

A coffee table up-cycled to an upholstered bench.

To make the upholstered bench top I measured the top and cut plywood to that measurement. I drilled holes in the plywood in the pattern I chose for the buttons. (Even if you are not tufting your bench, drill a few holes for the air to escape when the foam is compressed when sat upon.) I used a 4 inch piece of foam and wrapped it in batting to soften the edges. Using a remnant found at our local fabric store, I covered the foam. I didn’t have a button press to make the covered buttons and the fabric was thick so I went to an upholstery shop and had the buttons made. After aligning the stripes up and attaching the fabric under the edge of the plywood with staples, I used a long needle to go through the holes I drilled to make tufting in the bench. (There are several products to use for the tufting such as a strong upholstery thread or wire.) I then sewed piping and stapled the piping around the bottom edge of the plywood. Next I positioned the upholstered plywood on top of the coffee table and screwed it on from underneath the top framework.

Now we have a beautiful bench inexpensively and most important a fun DIY.

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2 thoughts on “From Coffee Table to Upholstered Bench

  1. hamonious on said:

    Love this! I’ve been looking for a cheap coffee table to make a bed bench but haven’t found “the one” yet. Yours looks fantastic!

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