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Tomato Cages

A decorative iron tomato cage.

A decorative iron tomato cage.

For years I purchased the wire tomato cages and mid-season my tomatoes were too heavy and big for the cages. A man and his son in our neighborhood made these decorative iron cages for me. Round rod is coiled around the supports with a decorative finial on top. The legs stick into the ground approximately 8 inches. Wind and cold are a problem in the spring so after I plant the tomatoes and set the cages on top I also put fabric ribbing over the cage. It stretches so it can be pulled all the way up to protect the plants or scrunched down to let in more sun. The fabric ribbing can be found in most fabric stores and is usually sold by the yard and comes in a tube so no sewing required. Just cut the length and put it on your cage.

You can find a welder locally in your area to construct something similar if you like the look of these. I also have used them in planters with other plants. They work great for anything needing support. Happy gardening.

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2 thoughts on “Tomato Cages

  1. Love these. Even if there isn’t anything growing in the garden, they make great garden art

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