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Framing Cross Stitch Projects

Displaying Needlework

Displaying Needlework

While recuperating from surgery my daughter bought and/or loaned me various cross stitch patterns to keep me from going cabin fever crazy insane. It had been over 20 years since I have cross stitched and quickly remembered why. I grabbed a very powerful pair of reading glasses and went to work. It did give me something to think about and I would have stayed sane except for the little tiny squares and messing up counting. It should be called cross-eyed stitching in my opinion.

After I finished a few projects I needed to get them framed. No problem, I had a 40% off custom framing and an additional 50% off more. Wouldn’t you think with that kind of discounting that it would be affordable? It was still over $200 after the coupons. I couldn’t see spending that much money on my little projects. I set them aside and continued to stitch.

My thoughts kept going to how I would use and or display these projects. I came up with a few affordable alternatives.

I saw this cute frame at Hobby Lobby and 50% off. My little bee looks good clipped on it. I frayed the edges a little and made it small enough so the patterned frame background shows.

Pant Hangars for Displaying Cross Stitch

Pant Hangars for Displaying Cross Stitch

The pant hangars were used for the two linen floral pieces. I had two ruler pieces left over from the ruler box I made and they were just the right length.

The small butterfly was made for my daughter’s guest room. It matches the quilt I made for her. The frame was originally black and a quick spray paint made it coordinate with the room. I used the round glass for the mat by placing thin batting on the glass especially over the edges and then the cross stitch over that. I stitch around the edges and gathered the edges on the back pulling it tightly. then the original backing of the frame was placed over that.

Small Clipboard with Pumpkins

Small Clipboard with Pumpkins

I found the little clipboard at Michael’s and made a quick Halloween pumpkin stack. I love the clipboards to display all kinds of art.

My daughter made a quilt label for the quilt she made her dog Finn.

I made a friend house-warming gifts with a pillow and multi media shadow box.

I have more projects not completed so drop by again to see those.

Happy Stitching,


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2 thoughts on “Framing Cross Stitch Projects

  1. I Love the ruler and pants hanger combo. I think it’s really unusual and suits the flowers so well!

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