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A Pile of Random Objects to a Hall Tree

I have always been able to see something cast off made into something beautiful. This pile of collected objects all came from a thrift store over a period of about a year. I confess I have a larger pile in the garage much to my husband’s dismay. I pulled out a few to show how random objects can become something useful.

Before. A pile of random objects

Before. A pile of random objects

The shutter door was half a pair of closet doors. The mirror is one of two probably from a bathroom. There is a shelf that looks like crown molding and a small shelf under the mirror. The small desk was someones cast off and too small to use as an adult desk but just the right size for this project.

First the objects were dry fitted together, holes drilled and hardware selected to attach it all. Each piece was sanded, repaired, and painted. We assembled all the pieces and added two 1 inch strips of lumber on the sides.Because the shutter door does not have many places to secure the heavy mirror, we added a small shelf for added strength. After the painted pieces were assembled I sanded it to look worn and well used. Then I waxed it with dark wax. Two old large cup hooks were added to hang keys or home decor.

Now my pile of random thrift store purchases have a purpose. Don’t you love it when it all comes together?

Keep creating!


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19 thoughts on “A Pile of Random Objects to a Hall Tree

  1. birdsandsoap on said:

    LOVE what you did here!

  2. beautiful…what color paint did you use? love it!

  3. Jeannie Scott on said:

    Absolutely brilliant!!!!! Love love love it!!!!!

  4. Gorgeous, just beautiful!

  5. Debbie on said:

    Love it! I’m new to this, can you tell me what it the main purpose of the wax, and when do you use it, why would someone use dark wax vs light wax? thanks

    • Thank you! I use the clear wax most of the time as the first coat as the dark wax really grabs and with a coat of clear first you can easily take off some of the dark if you want areas lighter. The purpose of the dark wax is for an aged look and to get it in the details to make them stand out rather than just blend in with the paint. Waxes change the color of the paint so paint a scrap of wood first to make sure you like it. Glazes are another way to achieve the result. I am working on another piece with a clear wax finish if you check my blog next week it should be finished and posted then. Good luck! 🙂

  6. Susan on said:

    When you said you attached two one inch strips of wood to the sides of the shutters so you would have someplace to secure the mirror to, I do not quite understand how they would support the mirror as it is centred on the closet door

  7. Lo Morse on said:

    I love this! I wish there were a million more of these! I have so many random things that are boring alone! But thrown together show so much potential! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Rebecca on said:

    Hi! I’m reaching out from to let you know that we featured your project in a slideshow of flea market flip ideas on our site recently. We spotlighted one before and one after image from your blog and, of course, linked back to your post for a full tutorial and more details. Our readers are really enjoying it, and we are excited to show support for your blog and hopefully send traffic your way. You can check it out here:

    Definitely keep us in the loop about other projects you have coming up. We always love to feature more fun ideas from creative blogs like yours! Feel free to email us at

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