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Frame Makeovers

A thrift store frame after a makeover.

A thrift store frame after a makeover.

Sometimes I just need to make something. When I get that urge to create, my friend and I head to the thrift store and I wander around until something looks like a good project. These frames were scratched and ugly. A quick sanding, a little paint, distressing and lastly waxing. They were looking better but needed more. I grabbed a music stamp and lightly stamped the white frame and distressed where I stamped. I added the crown with E6000 and decided it was done.

Madeover Frames

Thrift store frames after painting and distressing. Rhinestone jewelry to finish.

The color of the turquoise frames turned out beautiful but I wanted to add a little bling. I had some old rhinestone jewelry that was broken so I cut up a necklace and removed ear-ring clips and applied the jewelry to the frames. Now I am happy with them.

Making over a frame is easy to do and no special tools are needed to create a frame to go with your home decor. Don’t forget to add photos!

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