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New Use for Twin Foot Board

In our girl’s bathroom there were originally four towel hooks on the wall. Evidently the spacing did not allow each one to be installed in a wall stud because over time, one came off the wall. The weight of wet heavy beach towels probably did not help matters. To find a solution to the problem we went to the thrift store to look for something “sign-like” to use as a backer for the hooks. We found an inexpensive twin bed and thought the foot board looked like a candidate  for our project.

Towel rack from twin foot board

Twin bed foot board now a towel rack.

The original color was a peachy-white, washed southwestern type of look. I sanded and painted it flat black. Then I thought it should look old and added some crackle medium in a few spots. Next I painted it the same white as our woodwork in the bathroom. I was going to sand it to reveal some of the black paint but decided to live with it awhile first. One of the four hooks was losing the finish so I decided to install the remaining three hooks. My husband then installed it on the wall making sure it was secure to the wall studs.

I think it needs a sign painted on it but I can’t decide what it should be. Perhaps something in french or a barbershop reference. Maybe just one word such as Towels or Soap. What do you think?

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