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A Quilt

Quilt I made for my daughter

The quilt I made my daughter.

I seem to go along living life and once in a while something knocks me to my knees. I have been down there before and always find a way to get upright once again. The toughest blows are when it concerns my family. 2013 was full of challenges with auto accidents and medical problems. One day everyone is doing fine and then the phone rings. Then it rings again, and again. Two daughters were in separate auto accidents and one of my daughters is fighting serious medical problems. Life events such as the one my daughter is facing left me feeling completely helpless and powerless. I am the mom. I am supposed to be able to fix the boo boo’s. I tried to be strong and help her but really did not know how or what to say. The fact that we are states apart does not help how isolated I feel. I worried she would feel alone in her fight and not know I would come at any time. I had to do something. The only thing I could think of was to make a quilt. My grandmother had made a quilt for me when I was young. When I placed it on my bed, I always thought of her and felt the love we shared. It seemed she was there if only for a moment.

I went to the quilt store and selected fabrics from a Basic Grey collection that I thought she would like. With every block I thought of my daughter, I wondered if this quilt was a way for me to cope even though I wanted it to comfort her. I wanted her to have something from me, something she could wrap herself in if she needed me and I was not there. I needed a way to send a small piece of me to be with her.

Quilt Label

Quilt label on the back of my daughter’s quilt.

After I finished the quilt I decided it needed a special label, so I embroidered a simple drawing of a memory; my curly red haired girl and me holding hands. I found as I sewed this quilt it helped me process what has happened to her. This quilt was somewhat therapeutic as I stitched and thought about my child. I thought about how strong she is and how she will come through this. I sewed with positive thoughts and not grief.  Even when I can’t be there, this quilt will be.

 A quilt for my daughter

Quilt made for my daughter.

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3 thoughts on “A Quilt

  1. You focused all your concerns into quilting and the result was a beautiful symbol of a mother’s love. I can only imagine how much comfort it brought. Here’s to a good 2014 for everyone in your family. 🙂

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