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Hang Up Your Coat, Love, Mom

I love all the fun crocheted hangers I have seen on the internet and needed something to do while recovering from surgery so I decided to try making some.  I am new to crocheting and still learning so not sure if there is a proper way to make these. I couldn’t find the hangers in any of the local stores. So off to the thrift store and found these padded satin hangers to re-purpose for my project.

Thrift Store Hangers

Thrift Store Hangers

When I took the fabric and padding off the hangers, some were very splintery and rough. A little sand paper fixed that problem. I didn’t use a pattern and just crocheted a chain long enough to go around the hangar and then crocheted until the piece was as long as the hanger. I took the long skinny rectangle and folded it in half then poked the wire hook through the middle. Then either crochet the long sides together or sew them together.

Embellish your hangers for a personal touch. I made these for my family taking into account their decorating and personalities.

I used solid yarn except on the child sized hangers. I used a variegated yarn thinking it would be more stripe like but instead it looks like camouflage.

Crocheted Hanger

Crocheted Child’s Hanger

I love learning new crafts and am spending the winter exploring new interests. Watch for my projects as I discover new passions.

Happy Winter,


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